The Battle of the Sodas: Why do you drink poison?

Studies are coming out showing the correlation between drinking soda and heart disease, stroke and other diseases. The link below is a study by one of the researchers, Dr. Mitchell Elkind of Columbia Medical School, who stated, “What our study shows is that drinking diet soda may be associated with an increased risk of vascular events, by which we mean strokes, heart attacks, and other causes of death that can be due to vascular disease.”

While diet soda doesn’t pack on the weight as does non diet soda, it is still filled with artificial ingredients that can wreck havoc on our systems and interfere with all of our metabolic (that is digestive) processes in our bodies.

What bothers me greatly and what I find so irresponsible is, with so many studies showing the ills of drinking soda, then why aren’t medical doctors warning their patients? The fact is, most of them don’t know. You know the phrase, “buyer beware?” Well, this time, it’s “patient beware!”

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